An Introduction To Clubs

A Club is a non-formal mode of education which differs from the formal one in that it is an organized activity with educational purposes carried on outside the highly structured frame-work of formal educational systems and consists of an assortment of separate educational activities not bound by age restrictions, time schedules and sequences to keep in line with the levels of academic standards. The clubs represent freedom and expression where as the classroom represents conformity and repression. At New Kalpana Chawla College of Education we run various Clubs like Science and Mathematics Club, Social Science Club and Literature Club which cater for the interests of all the prospective teachers in the college and help to channelize their energies towards desirable goals.

Science and Mathematics Club
Science and Mathematics Clubs prove to be the backbone of curricular activities accordingly. They have great educational value in improving the streams of science and mathematics in schools and colleges. Our College runs a Science and Mathematics Club under the supervision and expertise of competent faculty. It affords better opportunities for self-expression where manual skills are developed and childish instincts are turned into healthy channels. The club organizes debates, discussions, quizzes and extension lectures from time to time. Students prepare charts, models and perform project work under the close guidance of incharge.

Social Science Club
A Social Science Club is also being run in the college under the guidance of the expert faculty. It acts as a link between curriculum and the student's own interest. Celebration of special days, rallies, debates and discussions on the burning social issues and current topics are organized by the club. The club also organizes excursions and visits to places of historical importance to acquaint the students with our culture and natural heritage.

Literature Club
The college runs a Literature Club which caters for the interests of students having charm for literary works like writing poems, essays and articles on various topics of their choice. It helps in the expression of their ideologies and improving their creative-writing and communicative skills. The members of the club actively participate in debates and discussions and celebration of birthdays of great personalities. Various experts are invited to deliver extension lectures to have a dialogue with students and to encourage them to deft their literary skills.

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