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Welcome to the Website of New Kalpana Chawla College of Education, an institution where excellence is tradition. The college which has always believed in remaining ahead of times by pioneering in innovative challenging programme and the requisite infrastructure incessantly strives towards excellence in the every sphere and keeps on creating and recreating our benchmarks. We ensure that our students share a special relationship with institution, easy accessibility to faculty guidance, firm assurance to staff support and very caring and nurturing environment. Harnessing the best teaching talents from the available pool, the institute has been successful in generating talented graduates who have made a niche for themselves in India and abroad.

The Culture at New Kalpana Chawla College of Education is one of mutual trust where the mission is to demonstrate an unconditional commitment to learning. We focus on overall development of students as well as providing them congenial and fun filled atmosphere where professional and personal growth is a simultaneous process. The indomitable spirit to progress passionate aspirations and unflinching desire to create a niche for itself have impelled college to unabatedly improvise and experiments with the standards of academics, co-curricular activates to reach zenith and realize the long cherished goal. We inculcate the value of faith, solidarity, respect, endurance, discipline, healthy competition with team spirit, compassion, right attitude which are steadily fading away in this fast world.

New Kalpana Chawla College of Education is committed to develop a high quality professionally groomed technical manpower, possessing multifaceted personality, respect for professional, social ethics, national values and the spirit of human emancipation.

We look forward to wholehearted participation and involvement of our students in every activity of college. After you have left New Kalpana Chawla College of Education, you will cherish memories of alma-mater and rely on the lifelong structure provided by unique peer group and by caring faculty who shall be your friends & mentors. The key to happiness and success is making your dreams and we believe in the power of translating ideas & dreams into reality


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